ECS Capital Partners, LLC, is raising and will operate several vehicles (with different minimum investment amounts and several other features, but otherwise investing in parallel and pro rata) creating diversified, multi-stage and global portfolios of early-stage, deep-tech, positive-impact investments.  To accomplish this goal, we:

- Coinvest and collaborate with High Net Worth (HNW) individuals, Angel groups, Family Offices and other VC funds.

- Apply modern scientific and management techniques as well as time-tested wisdom and experience.

- Operate nationally as well as world-wide.
Please note that the above is not an offer to sell - potential investors should contact ECS Capital Partners, LLC, via email (csidman@ecs-partners.com) for additional information.

Please click here to download one-page description of ECS Capital Partners

For some videos about ECS Capital Partners and our approach to the target asset class:

(12/10/20) About the Early-Stage Deep-Tech Asset Class

(12/14/20) ECS Capital Partners for Family Offices

(2/22/21) Introduction to ECS Capital Partners and its Asset Class

(3/4/21) ECS Capital Partners at Emergence 2021

(4/7/21) Fireside Chat about ECS Capital Partners

(4/14/21) ECS Capital Partners at Opal Group's ESG and Impact Investing Forum

(4/14/21) CRIISP Media Interview with ECS Capital Partners

(4/20/21) ECS Capital Partners at Family Office Club's Ultra Wealthy Investor Summit

(7/15/21) One-Minute Animation Presenting Key Concepts of ECS Capital Partners